PDO Threads

PDO is an FDA-approved treatment that repositions skin to instantly reduce the signs of aging. Rather than going under the knife, PDO provides a revolutionary type of facial rejuvenation without surgery. Commonly known as the “thread face lift,” you can dramatically reduce the signs of aging or contour the face. The threads lift your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The threads are safe and naturally dissolve over time, ensuring a speedy recovery. PDO is the perfect alternative for those who want to avoid surgery or those who are not ready for a full facelift. With PDO, you can achieve remarkable results with minimal downtime. So, if you’re looking for a way to turn back the clock without going under the knife, PDO may be the perfect solution for you.


You may get nervous when it comes to needles, but we don’t want it to stop you from feeling your best! We now offer Pro-Nox™. This is designed to deliver a 50% oxygen + 50% nitrous oxide mixture to adult patients for the relief of pain and anxiety in a medical setting. This innovative tool is a patient-controlled inhaled analgesia for easy in-office use that takes effect in just a few breaths, offering immediate relief.

No more nerves, just Pro-Nox!