Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels – better described as resurfacers – are divided into three categories: superficial, medium and
deep peels – which defines the penetration depth when applied to the skin. While each affects clinical
outcomes differently, the depth of the peel also describes the level of injury caused to the skin.



BioRePeel is a TCA peel that eliminates downtime, is non-photosensitive, and caters to all skin types. This
exceptional peel effectively addresses a wide range of skin conditions while promoting the production of
collagen and elastin. What sets BioRePeel apart is its remarkable versatility, allowing individuals to benefit
from its use all year round!

BioRePeel can also be combined with other treatments such as Dermaplaning, Saltfacials, Microneedling, and
the list goes on! Now you can help to attack stubborn hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.


Glycolic 30%
Glycolic and other alpha hydroxy acids [AHA] work brilliantly on sun-related dullness and restore brightness.
AHAs exfoliate the outer layer of the skin and are particularly helpful dealing with hyperpigmentation, sun
damage and even mild acne. Salicylic, a beta hydroxy acid, targets the oil production and clears congested
pores. Highly effective, salicylic acid penetrates deeply and has anti-inflammatory properties that can offer
relief to inflamed breakouts.


Salicylic 30%
Transform Resurfacer makes skin—and skin-care products—work better. It lifts away dead cells and triggers
a chain reaction starting as the topmost layer is shed and moving on to signaling living cells below the surface
to multiply and move up. As that happens, collagen production is awakened, hyaluronic acid is produced and
skin looks better and is better.


Infusion Vitamin C
Superficial peels are the ‘lightest’ with no downtime expected. They penetrate into the epidermis and provide
instant brightening and smoothing of the skin. Suitable for those with mild to moderate photodamage,
pigmentation, mild acne scarring, dry skin, post inflammatory pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and ‘dull’
skin, they have significant scientific research to support their efficacy.


Medium-depth peels are favored for moderate skin damage as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a
combined or blended peel. Blended peels – the newest to the category – tend to be less aggressive with less
recovery time or shedding of the skin. TCA peels are a medium-depth peel that penetrates deeper than the
glycolic or salicylic acid peels, making them highly efficient in reducing scarring, minimizing fine lines and
pigmentation issues.